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Drs. Bizjak and Brady share a passion for educating as many people as possible to help you and your families make well-informed and educated healthcare decisions. The doctors enjoy writing these articles on a monthly basis and are updated accordingly. Enjoy!


1) Preventing Ear Infections

2) Are You Eating GMO’s?

3) Pain Killers and Heroin Addiction

4) Are You Getting A Flu Shot?

5) What Are You Doing To Avoid Sickness?

6) The Essential Four Supplements

7) Acid Reflux


9)Toxic Sunscreen

10) Bedwetting

11) Headaches

12) Golf and Chiropractic

13) Allergies

14) Cholesterol-Lowering Medication

15) Pediatric Spine Health

16) Birth Control Pills

17) Surgery and Insurance

18) Quick Fixes

19) Raising Healthy Kids in a Sick World

20) Are You Getting a Flu Shot?

21) Do You Believe in Chiropractic?

22) Are You Depressed?

23) Misunderstood

24) Why Are You Overweight?

25) Pain Pills and Heart Attacks

26) Do You Fear Chiropractic?